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Ultimate HGH

How it works:

Ultimate HGH contains ingredients found in nature. The product is aimed at improving general health of a person.

Ultimate HGH taken in 2 capsules twice daily infuses the body with the right amounts of Amino Peptide Complex (standardized to provide 30% Glutamine Peptides), Colostrum (standardized to platelet derived growth factors), Phosphatidyl Serine, Phosphatidyl Choline, Chrysin (98% pure 5,7 Dehydroxyflavone), Tribulus Terrestris (standardized to provide 40% Furastanol Saponins), Citrus Complex (standardized to contain 18% Naringinine), as well as Calcium Phosphate, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid and Magnesium Stearate.

These combine to form a potent and powerful source of nutrients and stimulants that kick start a rejuvenating and regenerating cycle and improve the overall health of an individual.

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Overall Comparison
  Sytropin GenF20 Ultimate HGH ProBLEN
 Success Rate: 97% 92% 90% 85%
 Price (per mon): $59.95 $49.95 $59.90 $84.95
 Reputation: Great Great Great Good
 Support: Excellent Good Good OK
 Guarantee: 90-days 60-days 60-days none
  Sytropin GenF20 Ultimate HGH ProBLEN
 Total Score: 90 pts 86 pts 84 pts 83 pts