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Skin Care Supplements Review

There are many new skin care products using cutting-edge chemicals and ingredients on the market today. The fastest growing segment is those creams and lotions that offer anti-aging properties, and are designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and "crow’s feet". Many of these products can help people take years off their face, without resorting to Botox® injections or costly chemical peels or face-lifts. The following data is compiled from independent research, your reviews, and the information gathered by our review staff.

Skin has been called the largest organ in the human body, both in terms of surface area as well as weight. Consisting of three layers, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis it is a breathing organ that protects the skin, regulates bodily temperature, stores and synthesis minerals and Vitamins that ensure protection from UV Radiation....(Contd.,)

5 star review
1st Rank Avotone

Our highest rating went to Avotone as the #1 anti-wrinkle skin cream.It contains 10% AH-3 to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and avocado oil to moisturize and replenish. It is safe for male and female users, and was reported to have a significant effect on wrinkles and skin texture in just 1-2 months of use. Shipping time and value were also rated highly by reviewers.

$160.00 for 3 months supply
4 star review
2nd Rank Strivectin

Originally designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, Strivectin has proven a popular facial cream to minimize the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles.It does contain an oglio-peptide that reviewers report helps with forehead lines and crow’s feet, users must use frequently or results fade quickly.

$135.00 for 3 months supply.
4 star review
3rd Rank Rejuvenex

One of the older products on the market, Rejuvenex blends Vitamin C and Alpha-hydroxy acid with plant extracts to produce an anti-aging skin cream. No effect on deep wrinkles was experienced after Rejuvenex use. It was reported to have effective sunscreen properties, but some users report mild redness with repeated use.

$135.00 for 3 months supply.
3 star review
4th Rank Hydroderm

Hydroderm consists of marine collagen and Vyo-serum. It is supposed to allow collagen to absorb through the skin and strengthen the skin’s own collagen. It is a liquid, applied twice daily to improve skin tone and firmness. Hydroderm is not recommended for male users.

$240.00 for 3 month supply.
Overall Comparison
  Avotone Strivectin Rejuvenex Hydroderm
 Success Rate: 90% 80% 60% 60%
 Price (per 3 mo): $160.00 $135.00 $135.00 $240.00
 Reputation: Great Excellent Fair Good
 Support: Great Great Good Great
 Guarantee: 60-days 30-days 30-days none
 Shipping Time: 4 Days 6 Days 9 Days 5 Days
  Avotone Strivectin Rejuvenex Hydroderm
 Total Score: 94 pts 91 pts 86 pts 79 pts
Based on your submitted reviews, and our staff’s comparisons, the highest rating was awarded to Avotone. A new product, their service and results were among the best in the opinions of reviewers. They are also the only product to offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you would like additional information on Avotone or to place an order directly from the manufacturer, you can visit them online by clicking here. Please do not contact us directly to order any products seen here, we do not sell any of the products we review.