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HGH Supplements


Human Growth hormone also known as GH or Somatotropin, is a hormone synthesized and secreted naturally within the body by the anterior pituitary gland. HGH stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans as well as other vertebrate life forms.

Biosynthetic human growth hormone replaced pituitary-derived human growth hormone for therapeutic use in the year 1985. The term HGH now commonly refers to this biosynthetic HGH.

As is clear from its very nomenclature, Growth Hormone helps the body grow in terms of skeletal as well as muscle mass, purely anabolic. The quantity and the pattern of GH secretion by the pituitary varies from age to age and from person to person. This secretion is greater in early childhood and the years of puberty as well as adolescence. This activity steadily decreases with age.

Deficiency of HGH in the body in children results in stunted growth and short stature. In adults it results in debilitating deficiencies of strength, energy, and bone mass, as well as increased cardiovascular risk.

Anti aging properties

While the exact reasons for the slow down of GH production is a matter of debate, the consequences of GH deficiency have been well documented and studied. By helping the body regenerate and regain lost vitality, strength and muscle mass, HGH actually slows down the aging process and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


HGH is something that works on the inside and from within. The results are visible and tangible in terms of actual increase in weight via muscle, greater agility and more stamina. It is not a mood elevating high-low drug. It results in a steady regeneration of bodily tissue and imparts a feeling of robustness and vitality.

HGH Releasers and HGH Secretagogues defined

Synthesized HGH replaced naturally sourced HGH from the pituitary glands in the 80s. The use of synthetic GH or HGH calls for strict medical supervision, is administered by prescription only and involves a lot of expense. In fact $1000-$1500, per injection is what one can expect, multiplied by 2-3 dosages/injection per day!

The next best alternatives are HGH Releasers and Secretagogues. While Releasers provide the building blocks of the 191 amino acid human growth hormone, secretagogues contain very minute amounts of real human growth hormone which is meant to stimulate the pituitary into fresh production of the GH.

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