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Proleva Review

Barbara Duncan:
"I've been taking Proleva for the last month and the results have been incredible. I use to get very tired in the late afternoon daily and want to take a nap. Now, I feel alert and fully awake, and I get by on very little sleep; I use to sleep about 10 hours per night, and now I feel great with just 6 to 7 hours per night. I also work out at the gym every day for at least 1 hour and, since Proleva, I don't get as tired. Also, I feel much more focused mentally. I would highly recommend Proleva to anyone who wants to look and feel better."

Lisa Derig:
"I've been taking Proleva for a month and can really feel a big difference in my energy levels. I always use to feel like I wasn't getting enough sleep at night. Now it seems like I don't need as much, and I feel great. Also, I was beginning to feel that I would never be able to eat enough fruits and vegetables to meet the daily allowance. Now I just try and eat healthy and not beat myself up as much... This makes sense and works for me!"

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Overall Comparison
  Proleva Juvenon Protandim Microhydrin
 Success Rate: 92% 83% 80% 73%
 Price (per mon): $59.95 $39.95 $49.95 $27.90
 Reputation: Great Great Good Fair
 Support: Great OK Excellent OK
 Guarantee: 90-days 30-days 30-days none
  Proleva Juvenon Protandim Microhydrin
 Total Score: 93 pts 87 pts 81 pts 72 pts

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The #1 rating went to Proleva. Proleva’s antioxidant blend is derived entirely from highly concentrated fruit and berry sources. Proleva contains no synthetic vitamins, and had the highest ORAC rating of products tested. Customer support and results were among the best....
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