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Hair Genesis

How it works:

Hair Genesis hair care system really does signify a new beginning in hair care, especially in the case of pattern balding in men and women.

It is exclusively formulated for arresting pattern hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia). The Hair Genesis Oral Softgel formula is a critical component of the Hair Genesis system.

Hair Genesis hair supplements are taken orally. All products work in conjunction each other within the hair care system and complement each other's effects. So it is important that one follows each and every step as advised and use each component in the prescribed fashion.

The function of Hair Genesis oral SoftGel is to treat the problem step by step and block the negative progression of pattern hair loss (DHT) before it has a chance cause irreversible damage to the hair follicle.

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Overall Comparison
  Procerin Advecia HairGenesis Avacor
 Success Rate: 88% 87% 85% n/a
 Price (per 3 mo): $69.95 $149.85 $194.99 $239.95
 Reputation: Good Good Good Fair
 Support: Great Great Good Fair
 Guarantee: 90-days 180-days 90-days none
  Procerin Advecia HairGenesis Avacor
 Total Score: 94 pts 90 pts 88 pts 78 pts