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Cholestapro is an all natural plant sterol complex to support cardiovascular health.

The plant sterols and stanols found in Cholestapro block and restrict the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Because plant sterols are structurally similar to cholesterol they compete with the cholesterol we ingest for absorption through the small intestine. So, the more plant sterols present in the intestine after a meal, the less cholesterol absorption will likely occur.

Consuming plant sterols not only inhibits the uptake of cholesterol by the body, but also 'flushes' the plant sterols through the system without absorbing them.

The overall effect is on the average, an (bad) cholesterol reduction of %10-25 with no observed side effects.

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  Vasacor Resterol Cholestasys Cholestapro
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  Vasacor Resterol Cholestasys Cholestapro
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